Thursday, October 24, 2013

Oh Pinterest - I love you!

There are SO many great gardening ideas on Pinterest!
I've got the urge to try 2 of them in my backyard garden:
- a spiral, bottle-edged herb garden
- a potting table with an outdoor sink
(my garden gloves get so dirty, I don't want to bring them inside
to put them in my washing machine before a good rinsing - hence - an outdoor sink!)
With a little (well, actually A LOT) of help from my friends, I'm on the hunt for an old, used sink and some colored bottles (blue/green/brown) to edge the herb bed.
Here are some of the ideas I found and what I have in mind ....
FIRST: An OUTDOOR SINK .. maybe with a Potting Table!
Combining 2 of my loves - gardening with a sewing machine base!
It doesn't have to be complicated ...
but I'm thinking "cuter" than this ....
Now THIS is cute!
And THIS is WAY Cute!!
 This one shows how the buckets are used underneath for the run-off "grey water" to use elsewhere in the garden. This doesn't look too hard to do - and YouTube videos show you how!

I think this would be even cuter with colored bottles -
 blue, green and brown ones!
If anyone sees any items I could use, laying on the side of the road,
text me with a "Curb Alert"!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Expanding the Garden - Oct. 2013


Now that the weather has turned cooler
it was time to work out again in the garden.
I decided to expand my raised bed cement
vegetable garden to make the beds a bit larger.
In the bed on the left (still needs more dirt),
I am going to sink the worm bin bucket!
The bed on the right has been planted with Romaine lettuce and spinach.
The center bed has some still-blooming pepper
plants and newly planted broccoli, carrots and sugar snap peas.
I also put up a few hoops for using in the cooler weather
to be able to cover the beds to protect from frost.
I LOVE Fall - and am looking forward to seeing
how my Garden Grows!