Monday, May 5, 2014

Finally Finished - My Re-Purposed Wooden Pallet Potting Bench!

Now THIS is cause to celebrate!!

Last Fall, I decided I would like to try to build a potting bench, with a sink for washing garden vegetables. I researched them on Pinterest and decided I could make one with old, discarded wooden pallets. Since I didn't own very many tools and had never built anything like this before - I had NO idea what I was getting into.
(check out my prior post dated November 2013 for pictures and details of pallet demolition)

Here is the bench before adding the sink ...

But today, putting the finishing touches on it, I am SO very proud of all the work I did and how much I learned from the project.

If this is the last time I ever use a scary circular saw, it'll be fine with me! I was so glad when I made the last cut and could safely put the saw away in the garage. I'm giving thanks to God that I still have all my toes and fingers! And I now know you need to wear earplugs when cutting with a circular saw!
They are LOUD!!
The sink was found at our local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store and couldn't have been a more perfect fit. The back piece (where I will put my garden tools and supplies) was a part of the pallet that I had cut off and used all along as a saw horse to make my other sawing cuts. That piece and I have a history now, so it was fun to put it to use on the bench and gives me a few little cubbies to store tools.

The only thing left to do is hook it up to a hose when I want to run the water. That, as well as getting some vegetables growing that need to be washed!


  1. This is an amazing project !!! Kudos to you! :)

  2. Thanks! It was harder than I thought it'd be but I'm so proud of how it turned out.

  3. That's pretty cool! Congratulations on your finished project. :-)

    Yes, earplugs and eye protection. Always a must when working with saws and other shop equipment.