Friday, September 19, 2014

It's "Fall Ya'll"!!

It must be September! 
Every year about this time I walk out in the garden trying to remember where I planted them. These red lilies never fail to surprise me!

It must be my forgetful age ... I'm always surprised by Joy!

Growing up, my dad called these 
"Schoolhouse Lilies" 
because they always appear 
in September.

The bulb is extremely hardy, 
surviving even our hot, 
sometimes dry summers. 
But after the 1st rains begin 
in the fall, they come back 
year after year. 

These particular bulbs came from 
my Dad's yard that I dug up after he died. 
I feel a special bond with him every time they bloom. 

This pretty, white coral vine started blooming 
several weeks ago and gets showier by the day!
I planted it last fall and babied it through the winter, 
covering over the root ball with a bucket 
every time we got a hard freeze. 
It was slow to grow but I don't mind a bit. 
It's so nice to have something new blooming 
after the heat of summer has passed and 
other summer flowers are starting to fade.

These little cuties we always called "Rain Lilies"
The leaves have been growing in my vegetable garden all year - 
looking like a garlic plant.
But today when I went out to look, the flowers had appeared!
How did I miss seeing them before now?

And last, but certainly not least, 
is my dwarf Barbados Cherry!
It has started blooming Again! 
I looked it up and found out 
that it blooms, not only in the Spring, 
but again in the Fall!!

In the Central part of Texas, 
we may not have the oranges and golds 
of our northern neighbors, 
when we think of a "Fall Garden" 
but September brings a flush of new blooms
and they signal "Autumn is Coming" to Me!

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