Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My word for 2013 - JOY!

Has it really been months since I posted my last blog note?
So much has happened in my garden since then and my backyard has definitely "bloomed" since I moved in a year and a half ago!
I have flower beds!

The lipstick salvia is already blooming along with
the verbena that over-wintered and the black-foot daisy.
 The Cinco de Mayo rose is full of blooms
and I have a newly planted Meyer lemon in the pot.

In December, I planted daffodills and what a "joy-full" display they are starting to put on !

    I've planted Texas bluebonnets and some spring bulbs, plumbago, and a bit of the purple verbena under the Bradford pear tree. Now if I could just remember to fill the bird feeder more often.

Due to our early Texas springtime weather, I've recently planted vegetables in my raised bed garden - tomatoes, peppers, bush beans, squash, eggplant, garlic, brussel sprouts, lettuce, cauliflower and potatoes.
Along with a few sunflower seeds just for fun :-)        

Wondering about that "tent"? It's actually called a "hoop house" and helps keep out the moths that lay eggs on the cabbage and brussel sprouts. One site said if you use "tule" for your cover, you can call it a "Prom Garden" :-)

                  Everyday, it's such a delight to go out to see what's sprouting
                   or how much taller the potato plants have grown overnight.

                        I can already imagine the taste of that 1st juicy tomato!
                                              Now that will certainly be "Joy"!

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