Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What's UP with these cucumbers?!

                                      OK.. I won't plant this variety again!

Have you ever seen so many shapes of cucumbers
to come off of the same plant?

Some are straight ...  Some are crooked.....

And the strangest thing of all is that they are FUZZY !!
Who grows - Much less EATS
a fuzzy cucumber!

Unfortunately, I didn't save the tag to know what kind this was.
I just wanted to put up a few jars of pickles
and have a few to cut up in a salad.

                 I guess I'll consult the Burpee catalog next time around.
                          Starting to close this post,  I am reminded -
                                     "Give Thanks in ALL things"!
                       Peeled, they taste just like a regular cucumber
                           and they grew despite the heat & bugs!


  1. Dear Shelley,

    It looks as if you had some dark green Armenian cucumbers. They do extraordinarily well in the heat!

    The trick is to pick them at the right stage. They are naturally burpless and bitter-free. They also tend to resist a lot of the diseases that regular cucumbers succumb to.

    I grow quite a few of these varieties, if you are interested in trying some with stripes or that are round, at cucumbershop.com.

  2. Thanks! You are right! Now that I think about it, they look similar to the ones I've seen in the store. I was thinking I'd planted just plain ol'generic cucumbers.