Sunday, July 8, 2012

Glass Totems of my OWN!

A few weeks ago I posted some pictures of glass totems that I found on the internet like this picture on my Pinterest board.

 This got me "hooked" and let me just say - these are FUN to make!

The addicting part is that now every time I see a piece of cut-glass (vase/bowl/saucer) or ceramic vases, I can envision it turned upside down and glued to another piece! OH MY!

Here are a few I've made .... I think I have enough in my own garden for now ,,,

This one has a salt shaker on top, then an upside-down ashtray, a green juice glass, a candy dish then glued to a green glass vase.

Can you make out the different pieces ?

Check out the blue one now and see what I used to make it ...

This time I have a blue ceramic bell on top of an upside-down candy dish, on a blue votive holder, on an oriental bowl, on top of a clear glass plate, glued to a glass light fixture placed on top of a blue ceramic plate glued to an upside down vase!

                  Get the idea?

But I couldn't stop ... I just had to try a few more .....

                             This one uses plates, a vase, a voitve candle holder,
                                a flower coaster and a ceramic bird to top it off.

Wouldn't these make cute gifts to give away to friends who like to garden?
(Besides, I need to find a way to use up all those glass items I bought at the
Goodwill  store & now have WAY more than I can use in my own yard !)
If you missed my earlier post about how to make these - scroll down to find
the original article on April 27th. They aren't hard to make but they do take time to let the adhesive set up.
TIPS I learned when making them:
- faceted glass will sparkle more than plain glass and looks better for totems
- metal doesn't glue very well to glass so you need to use a different kind of adhesive made especially for this
- the taller the totem, the longer the post that must be driven into the ground to support the weight of the glass on top

If you've made some, I'd love to see your pictures too or hear your tips for making them.

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