Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Not All Caterpillars Are Created Equal

Two months ago I posted a picture of my newly planted tomato plant that had been eaten by a dreaded "tomato horn-worm".

I almost missed him ... he was so camouflaged that I allowed him to grow fat while eating all my tomato leaves!

Here's a CLOSE-UP in case you still missed him ...

I thought that sad little tomato plant was ruined ...

I even posted on a garden forum and asked if it would
re-grow leaves or would it be better to start over with a new plant and I was told ...
"Start Over"!

Well, since the theme of my new year is "HOPE,"
I decided that I would replant this little struggler into a different spot in my yard and see what would happen .....

and here it is today - with lots of leaves, lots of flowers
and EVEN some new tomatoes coming on despite our intense heat!!

           So imagine my concern when I went out to check my garden
           this morning having just examined my dill plant a week ago ....
                                           which looked like this:

                                                  But today looks like this:

                                                        Need a close-up?

          My 1st instinct was to swat them off the plant thinking about all those
                        leaves and beautiful flowers they were devouring ...
                     but them I realized - these are MONARCH caterpillars!!

                                                         Go Ahead -
                                                  MUNCH AWAY!
                                   Psalm 27: 13 "I am still confident of this:
                    I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.


  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing. New Follower too!


  2. Actually, those are Eastern Black Swallowtail caterpillars. We raise them in our garden. The butterflies lay their eggs on dill, fennel, parsley, and sometimes on rue. The caterpillars will eat a plant bare, but the butterflies are beautiful.

    If you're interested in attracting Monarch butterflies, plant milkweed in your garden. If you plant coneflower or butterfly bush, that will also attract them. The butterflies feed on the nectar from those plants.

    Your garden looks beautiful, by the way!