Saturday, June 23, 2012

Shoes on the Porch

(Photo from Pinterest)
What do you do with your shoes on the porch?
I can't help it - the backyard gardens call to me when I get up in the morning
... and when I get home from work
... and after supper when the sun is going down ....

and every time I head out the door, I seem to have on a different pair of shoes.
I think it'd be a good idea to have "garden" shoes

or at least change from my good shoes and put on a "garden" pair to step off the porch ....

No matter what shoes I've been wearing, I try to take them off at the door when I come in the house because invariably, I've stepped in some dirt, walked thru a puddle, or picked up some grass in the soles.

Before long, I realize I have a pile of shoes by the door
- waiting to dry or be cleaned off.
I found some cute photos on Pinterest of shoes on the porch
- somehow these look more interesting than mine do

Maybe it's the dog or cat hanging out with the shoes that makes it cute .. or the decor?

Do "critters" lurk inside my tennis shoes? Have spiders slept there at night?

I really do need to find a neater way to keep them on the porch instead
of in a random pile -

and I'd love some suggestions to make them look cuter ..  minus the animals :-)

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