Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Peggy Martin roses - My Favorite!

This was "then" (April 2011)
When I look back at pictures of my yard when I 1st moved here, I'm amazed at the transformation of that empty space - one small little corner flower bed and nothing but grass to the fencelines.

That 1st year, I attended a Master Gardener's Fall plant sale, and purchased things I'd never even heard of to try in my yard. I knew if these gardeners thought the plants would do well in my area of Texas, then I'd give them a try. And they were right!

My tiny little Peggy Martin rose barely climbing up the trellis.
Spring 2012
One of my favorites was the Peggy Martin Rose (sometimes called the Katrina Rose). This one blooms almost 10 months of the year and now the stems get so heavy with blooms, I have to tie them up to the fence. I even use strips of leather to do so!

Spring 2018

The petals fall right off after they bloom so I've read that you don't need to dead-head them, but it sure looks better when they are "cleaned up".
I've read the same thing about "knock-out" roses.

Do other gardeners dead-head their roses?

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