Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pallet Potting Bench - Day 2

                                                      POWER TOOLS -
                                                  they aren't for Sissy's!
                            Let me tell you - a reciprocating saw makes a HUGE
difference in making this project easier!!
But it's a very powerful tool and definitely NOT a toy!
You could do some serious, irreparable damage to your limbs
if you aren't careful.
So, armed with my new "tool" and my Safety Goggles,
I attacked the pallets and within an hour,
I had cut all the boards off the 1st pallet.
The second pallet was of a different variety
and much easier to pull the boards off of due to the fact
that they were put together with nails instead of screws.
It also had the markings on the side that I've learned are
what you want to look for in choosing a pallet.
This one was much easier to just pry the boards off
but the saw made easy work of cutting off the excess.
By the end of the Day 2,
I have the top of my potting bench ready to add legs
I'm starting to feel pretty proud of myself!

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