Friday, November 22, 2013

"I DID IT" - My Wooden Pallet Potting Bench

                   Perseverance, late nights, sore muscles, and determination but
                                                           "I DID IT"!!
                   (I feel like Scarlet O'Hara, though, in "Gone With the Wind"
                when Rhett saw her hands, after she'd been working in the fields,
                               and said "those aren't the hands of a lady!"
                           I'm going to need a manicure, a lot of hand lotion and rest
           for my weary muscles now that this Pinterest project is almost done!
Potting bench with iron headboard to hang tools from
                         I am so proud that I can finally post the picture of my
                          almost finished Pallet Potting Bench for my garden.
             Actually, it still needs the top boards that will surround the sink
         that I'll eventually put in the middle. I'm still on the hunt for a used one
                          and I didn't want to cut the boards for that until I know
                                                how big the sink will be.
                        I want to thank a few people for their help along the way:

- My friend's husband, Bill, who lent me his "SuperBar" to pry the boards
   off the pallets
- Harbor Freight and their sale coupons and the nice gentleman shopper
   who helped me fix my circular saw in the store! I LOVE this store!
- My brother who lent me his sander and reminded me how to use a
   circular saw
- My friend's husband, Jim, who cut the nails off one board that I had
   given up on
- My friends on FB who "liked" my status and encouraged me to not give up
- My God who kept me safe while using power tools and gave me the
   strength and health to persevere
                                                          Lessons Learned:
- The right tools make the job easier and the results more pleasing.
- Just like in making a quilt, measure twice - cut once and the more
   accurate the cut, the more likely the pieces will line up and go together
   like they should.
- If it looks easy on Pinterest, it probably won't be.
- Taking apart a pallet is NOT easy and I may never do a project with them

  BUT I love my bench and I know what I want in my stocking for Christmas -

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