Wednesday, April 25, 2012

“Be Anxious for Nothing” …

Easy to say – Not so easy to do! As a new mother (and grandmother) there are so many new things you don’t know how to handle:

The baby’s fussy – is she sick?
She’s coughing – should I call the doctor?
Am I feeding her often enough? Am I feeding her too much?
Is it gas pains or am I holding her too much and now she’s spoiled?
Can you spoil a 2-week old baby?

Every book you read or person you talk to has different advice or thoughts.
Why don’t babies come with a manual!

But the truth is – they don’t.  And being a new mom is just that – a NEW mom. Lots to learn – mistakes to make – and the grace in it all is that babies are resilient and forgiving and like 99.9% of moms before you, you’ll learn as you go and get better and better at it!

And grandma’s don’t have all the answers either – but we’re here to lend a listening
ear and tell you: “Be anxious for nothing but in all things … PRAY”…and God will
give the strength to get through each dilemma.

And a grandma’s advice:  “Relax – enjoy the new adventure - babies grow up too fast!

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