Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Choosing a "Grandma" name

It shouldn't be this hard - really! But it's not like "mommy". When you were a parent, you knew that was the name your child would call you. This name - the name you want your grandchild to call you, is a BIG deal. Not only will they call you by this name - but everyone will start calling you by this name. It's like changing your name after you've gotten used to the one your parents gave you "ages" ago (I won't say how long ago that was)  :-)
Some people said "just wait and let the child name you". The only problem with that idea is that it will take a year or so before this precious little one can talk! So in the meantime, all my friends say "how exciting! so you're going to be a "grandma" or a ?? - so what is she going to call you?" 

So I had to pick a name - at least for now. Besides, when I write a note to her telling her how precious she is and how we've prayed for her, how would I sign my name ?

I spent hours on the internet looking up grandmother names. There are dozens of web pages devoted to this! Traditional names - Modern names - Ethnic names ... all I knew is that I didn't want to be called "Granny" (too old sounding) or "Mammaw" (too many in our family to be confusing). I even practiced several out loud to see how they sounded if someone stood at the back door and called out ... "MIA (or "Mimi"... or Gammie"...) can I have some ice cream?"
I wanted something that still sounded sweet when this little one grows up and becomes a teenager and tells her friends "I'm going to my __'s (fill in the blank) for Thanksgiving" and it didn't sound embarrasing or too cutsey.

So after hours of stressing, rehearsing, and speaking it out loud, I've picked my grandmother name - "Mia"..... at least for now!

How did you pick your Grandmother name? Does the child still call you by the name you picked?

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  1. I love your new blog, Shelley! What a great occasion to turn over a new leaf for the wonderful days to come. I had a special name as an aunt long before needing a special name as a grandmother. My niece and nephew call me Tiana, honoring their Venezuelan heritage. But I didn't want my grandchildren to be confused so I chose a combination of names:Grandmother and Anne. I came up with GrAnne. One syllable and the A is short. I love it! So, Mia, get lots of rest and organize those photos! Hugs, Anne (GrAnne)