Sunday, April 22, 2012

Maybe I'm too old for midnight feedings :-)

It had to come to an end - I had to eventually come home and get back into my regular routine. It was hard leaving the new parents and little Miss Hallie! I remember the day my parents left, after our son, Mark was born. As new parents, we stood ourside waving goodbye and looking panic struck - "what did we know about raising a baby"! But Natalie and Chase will be great - they've had experience with kids, yet that same look of "reluctance" was on their faces as I drove away.

It was nice to get home - check the mail, read old papers and news I'd missed - tend to my
plants in the garden  - and nap, uninterrupted all afternoon.
And I get to sleep all night long in my own bed with no getting up for midnight feedings. The bags under my eyes show my exhaustion .... but oh how I miss her already!

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