Friday, April 20, 2012

Mother's Milk & Eye Infections – Who Knew??

On day 8 of Hallie's entrance into the world, she woke up with what we decided looked like an eye infection - crusty eyes, closed shut with dried mucous in the corners. Now THAT'S scary to a new mom! Did we do something wrong? Did we not wash our hands enough before handling her? Should we call the Doctor?
Thank God for the internet and "Google search engines"!

Over and over we read that mother's milk, dabbed into the corner of the newborn's eye,
(although some said it wasn't proven), contains antibodies that are as effective as any eye drops! What could it hurt? So Natalie tried it - dabbing milk each time she nursed and then following that up with clean water (thanks Brita!) on a cotton ball to clean the eye again.

Now on day 11, Hallie's eyes are "crust-free" and Natalie has learned a valuable lesson -
Web MD is her friend!

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